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The story is centred on Ravi, a spoiled, good for nothing rich kid, the son of Deewan-saab, a successful businessman. Deewan-saab is increasingly disappointed in Ravi's behaviour, because all Ravi wants to do is hang out with his dodgy girlfriend Kamini, drinking, fighting, and gambling away all his father's money. So when Ravi shows no signs of growing up, Deewan-saab cuts him off NO MORE GAMBLING MONEY FOR RAVI! Gauri the village girl is seemingly incredibly naïve. she hangs out with a bunch of kids. Then her pregnant friend Seema arrives in the village and enlightens her a bit more as to the ways of the world telling her something about how a baby is made on the wedding night and how it involves the groom entering the bedroom and drinking a glass of milk and then BOOM, BABY. Unfortunately, that happens anyway, quite traumatically, when Gauri witnesses Seema dying violently in childbirth. So, understandably, she's not especially willing, when the time comes, to marry Ravi. Nor is Ravi willing to marry Gauri. Ravi is a massive spoiled brat, and is in love with Kamini, and when Deewan-saab issues Ravi with the ultimatum get married to Gauri or no paisa for you, son, Ravi's response is an exceedingly mature emo scream: "If I have to marry, it's Kamini or NO-ONE!"
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